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The antique pine used for some of these items has been obtained from deserted century old barns, cajun houses and other structures that time has forgotten. Some of the cypress also comes from these sources, however, Keith prefers the cypress that has remained beneath the waters of Louisiana swamps and bayous for ages. These sinker cypress logs were created ages ago when trees fell due to lightning, hurricanes and mankind. Some of these great trees were cut and intended for sawmills but were too huge to be floated down the river and eventually sank. The color and grain in true sinker cypress is phenomenal. The character of the wood is something you will appreciate. The cedar used is from trees planted decades ago around southern Louisiana. The lifeless trees were still standing tall when removed by Keith. The color of this wood is like no other, blood red. All of this natural wood has beauty that is unsurpassed. We are sure you will agree.

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