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These knives are all hand forged DAMASCUS blades crafted to the finest detail. Legendary weapons steel of choice for many centuries owing to its remarkable qualities which include great stress resistance and superior cutting ability.  Throughout history it was often restricted in its possession to those of noble birth.  Damascus is truly the ultimate for those desiring only the finest in classic cutlery steel. Now presented in its modern form, Damascus, a strictly controlled mixture of premium quality steels, is heated and folded into hundreds of layers by experienced and dedicated artistic blacksmiths in recreating this ancient art-in-metal form. All work is performed completely by hand in the traditional manner, resulting in 100% HAND FORGED and beautiful example of  a master artistic blacksmith, Keith Planche.

 These knives have been hand forged from railroad spikes. The handles are twisted for extra grip and beauty. They are very sharp carbon steel knives. Custom made leather sheaths are also available.
 These Damascus knives are equipped with hand made handles with unique bolsters and guards. Most guards are also Damascus steel. The knives below have a buffalo nickel pommel. Handles are made of a variety of items such as deer horn, elk, burl walnut, burl maple, desert ironwood, leather, etc. We also offer hand crafted leather sheaths which are traditionally hand tooled. When using exotic hides such as buffalo, it is stitched with 12 oz cowhide for additional stability. We never use less than 12 oz saddle leather. These knives are hand crafted to be passed from generation to generation. They are very stylish traditional knives which are hand forged tools to do a job well with a razor's edge... Damascus steel.


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